Peas and Quiet

So, more snow today. Others complained quite vociferously, but I find it invigorating to have to shovel everywhere I go. Like your everyday route becomes an obstacle course. And feeling the car float on the parts of the driveway still deep in snow is always riveting.

Upon arriving at the abode, I found that the sleepy puppy wasn’t keen on the windy snow and we both retreated back to the warm heater. I did whip up a tasty split pea soup, but since it’s the color of baby urp, I’ll refrain from displaying it here.

In more exciting news! When I went to the kitchen staging area, I found a new turn of events in Phase 3!


If we look a bit closer….








This is the only way to express how I feel about this part of Phase 3:


God, I hope it’s not a raptor. I must now get some rest before Phase 4 begins. I may need to aid the creatures by gently removing pieces of their egg-shell and cooing at them like a psychopath.

Also, I will be featuring a special guest star in my next entry! One of my favorite persons!

Alien Eggs and a Gummy Bear Coma

Today was loads of entertainment, none of which had anything to do with the Superbowl. Squash and I went to get breakfast (eggs, ham, grits, ham, ham and delicious fried apples for me!) and then made a random visit to the Christmas Tree Shop (CTS) to observe their sundries. We were not disappointed today. Among our found treasures were water-assisted hatching “Alien Eggs” and a marvelous brand of gummy bears that has twelve legitimately distinct flavors!

First adventure was the Alien/Dinosaur/Lizard/Duck Egg Experiment. Amusing! Funny! Novel!

IMG_20150201_132537835_HDR           IMG_20150201_132546152

Observe, alien/dinosaur/lizard/duck eggs in Phase 1 (removal from shipping materials, prep of water bowls and randomization performed by Squash to make me less biased when making later observations on the individual species):


Phase 2 consisted of dropping the eggs quickly into the water bowls, care being taken to ensure their full submersion:


Now, onto the most exciting phase, Phase 3:




……………still Phase 3:


………….(heavy breathing)……..:


Checking the shipping materials, we learned that for Phase 3 there is an incubation period  of 12-24 hours:


So…my update on Phase 3 status and completion of subsequent phases will be delayed until a later date.

During Phase 3 buffering, we enjoyed these marvels:


Albanese World’s Best Gummi Bears! Squash first discovered these on a previous adventure to the CTS. I was initially skeptical. Though I love gummi objects, I am often unimpressed with their muddled flavors and poor overly-hardened texture. However, these were a delightful change! So soft and chewy and twelve great flavors in each package! Definitely try these if you find them or order them from their website (you can also order whole bags of individual flavors and sugar-free items!).

I am curious about the Giant Gummi Rattlesnake:


Over a foot of gummi deliciousness!

For now, I continue to monitor Phase 3’s progress……:


Maybe if I watch them more closely….

To be continued.