C’mon Baby, Light Mah Fiyah

This week’s been tough and super busy at work, but going to bed early has been helping me stay ahead of getting the plague that has been circulating. Luckily, I have good friends, like Normand and Remmers, to whine and paw at me for encouragement (or is it food they want??).

There’s also my special guest….meet Mini-Torso! Bah-DAH!


So, years ago, my mom found an androgynous mannequin in a thrift store and brought it home cause it needed a family (yes, we do shit like that). We frequently dressed it in holiday or seasonal apparel, like one does with inanimate anthropomorphized objects. Torso became part of the family, frequently appearing in the background of photos or serving to spook relatives that were sent over to feed animals while we were away on trips. Torso has since been retired to a local thrift store window.

After telling Squash this story, this was my next gift! A Mini-Torso! What? you might say. Isnt’t that just an artists drawing model minus a head? Sure, call it what you will. To me, it is Mini-Torso, ready to rumble and full of sass.

IMG_20150204_1712161752 IMG_20150204_1718298422

Mini-Torso even knows a few hot dance moves…



Mini-Torso recently assisted me in reviewing some candles. Of the three main brands purchased (Glade, Better Homes & Gardens, Yankee), I have rated them with comments below.

First up, the Glade small jar candle in “Frosted Cookie Party” flavor:

IMG_20150204_1715233192Candle: Glade
Flavor: Frosted Cookie Party (8/10)
Advertised Burn Time: Up to 28 hours (4 hr burn at a time)
Actual Burn Time (Continuous): 8.5 hours (4/10)
Comments: One of my favorite scents by far! Though they are smaller and don’t last as long, I do enjoy these for their wide variety of scents.

Overall Score: 12/20



Candle: Better Homes & GardensIMG_20150204_1716392242
Flavor: Warm Rustic Woods (6/10)
Advertised Burn Time: Up to 35 hours for the 18oz (4 hr burn at a time)
Actual Burn Time: 28+ hours (8/10)
Comments: I like these big candles because they are cheap, burn evenly and have rich scents that are seasonal. I also like the Lavender version, too.

Overall Score: 14/20



IMG_20150204_1717350132Candle: Yankee
Flavor: North Pole (Vanilla Mint) (10/10)
Advertised Burn Time: 65-90 hours (9/10)
Actual Burn Time: 80+ hours
Comments: My favorite candles! I greatly enjoy the scents and long burn time of these, even though they are more expensive. It evens out when you think of how many small candles you need to equal the burn time of one of these bad boys.

Overall Score: 19/20


Let’s all give Mini-Torso a round of applause for his wicked awesome “Vanna White” skills. I have other candle varieties I like, so I’ll keep adding to this review to include the soy-based and wood-wick brands.

Also, new developments in the egg experiment will be posted soon!! Excitement!