Savannah grew up in small-town, rural Georgia and uses her experiences there as the basis for many of her stories. She enjoys learning about people, eccentricities and all.

She has degrees in chemistry from Piedmont College (B.S.) and Emory University (Ph.D.). She has worked at the University of Georgia, the University of Pittsburgh, Los Alamos National Laboratory, ETH-Zürich, IDEXX Laboratories, the University of Southern Maine and Reynolds American. She has been fortunate enough to work on research ranging from breast cancer to astrobiology and loves new science. All of the opinions and writings here are her own and are not representative of any of her previous or current employers.

She lived small in the Maine woods for a few years before returning to the South and will always crave okra. In her free time, she can usually be found fighting with the self-checkout robots in the supermarket or updating Wikipedia pages of historical figures to include their favorite ice cream flavor or emoji preferences. She exists primarily as a hermit and enjoys petting all the dogs, reading, volunteering, musing about deep thoughts like Jack Handey, and catching up with friends and family.

She currently lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.