Sunday Funday

I am alive, just busy with life things. I have been doing a lot of thinking and sketching. And recovering.

These songs have been frequently on my playlist lately and, since I often find that music better captures my feelings, I thought I’d drop them here until I can find my own words again.

“There is an answer in a question
And there is hope within despair
And there is beauty in a failure
And there are depths beyond compare
There is a role of a lifetime
And there’s a song yet to be sung
And there’s a dumpster in the driveway
Of all the plans that came undone

How could something so fair
Be so cruel
When this black sun revolved
Around you”


“All of my dreams, they fall and form a bridge
Of memories where I can’t get back to you

What if our hard work ends in despair?
What if the road won’t take me there?
Oh, I wish, for once, we could stay gold

What if to love and be loved’s not enough?
What if I fall and can’t bear to get up?
Oh, I wish, for once, we could stay gold
We could stay gold”

You’re the reason that I feel so strong
The reason that I’m hanging on
You know you gave me all the time
Oh, did I give enough of mine?

Hold on, darling
This body is yours,
This body is yours and mine
Well hold on, my darling
This mess was yours,
Now your mess is mine

Bring me to your house
And tell you sorry for the mess
Hey, I don’t mind
You’re talking in your sleep
Out of time
Well, you still make sense to me
Your mess is mine

Well in this life you must find something to live for
Cause when the darkness comes a callin’
You’ll go back to where you were before
Cause this life is as
Fragile as a dream, and
Nothing’s ever really
As it seems…”

“Hit him with a little bit of crazy
Hit him a little bit of love
Let him know that I’m not leaving
Looking at the stars in the sky
Feel they’re far away
Whatcha trying to say
Show me where the love is gone
Try to leave my heart alone
You’re the one for me
(Did you know?)
You’re the one for me
(Can you show it?)
Show me where the love is gone”

Well, I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart,
But your blade—it might be too sharp
I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard,
Yeah, I may snap and I move fast
But you won’t see me fall apart
‘Cause I’ve got an elastic heart

I’ve got an elastic heart
Yeah, I’ve got an elastic heart

And I will stay up through the night
Let’s be clear, won’t close my eyes
And I know that I can survive
I’ll walk through fire to save my life

And I want it, I want my life so bad
I’m doing everything I can


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday”

  1. #1 – Songs are a little dark – so what’s going on?
    #2 – Glad you are sketching. I like to think you take after me at least a little.
    #3 – Recovering from what?

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