Snow, Sass and Whoopie Pies

Many people have asked me why I live in Maine. For those of you who don’t know, I was born in Atlanta, GA and grew up in a small rural community in Northeast Georgia (basically the other end of the Appalachian Trail from here).

Things to Know

Your face will get super dry and crackly. And your hands. Any exposed skin, really.

Driving on snow is more fun than driving on ice.

Storms are slow-moving and relatively predictable here. Which is better than any tornado.

Mainers are hardy, resourceful and typically helpful. And like to keep to themselves. “You do your thing over there, I’ll do my thing here.”

Massholes/Quebecoi = Our Floridiots

Dress for comfort, not for style (at least not what the rest of the country calls style). Because no one cares. You think we look ridiculous in our giant coats and balaklavas. We know you ARE ridiculous attempting to navigate snow in your strappy high-heels and super stylish flowy blouses made of tissue paper. Unless you’re a native Mainer, in which case 40F is shorts and tshirt weathah regardless of the amount of snow still on the ground.

Get winter boots. Seriously.

Food here is different. More potatoes, less spice.

You have to “know people.” Ayuh, I know a guy.

Having distinct seasons is amazing. And very cathartic.

The trees here are worth the cold weather.

There is very little housing here compared to many other places. Finding an apartment in the Portland area is tricky and often you have to “know somebody” to get a decent rental price.

The Portland area has an awesome food scene.

Dunkin > Starbucks.

You don’t have to have an AWD vehicle, but snow tires help.

State inspections mean higher auto costs over all combined with winter road salting.

Mainers have amazing festivals.

While you should always be safe, winter is generally more beautiful than scary.

Mainers have a very earthy and genuine sense of humor. And some dry, acerbic sass when they like.


You learn to spot Vermonters and New Hampshirites very quickly. They are their own unique groups with their own quirks separate from Mainers.

Mainers are relatively private and will not likely hassle you about your religion/sexual preference/personal choice of ass cream, etc. Which is incredibly refreshing. They expect the same from you.


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