This is the new home for a fledgling writer and is currently under construction! Stay tuned for more content soon! In the meantime, visit some of my talented friends: S.W. Wildwood Lainey Kennedy – Steamgear Tavern Sarah Schofield – True Confession Friday Sam Safin – Polymathforce Jerry Grillo It's only fair to share...... Read More


A lot has happened since last May. I bought a house, went on vacation, moved, did lots of home improvement projects, got a new roof, got the dogs new haircuts, etc. It’s been super busy, but I’ve also spent a lot of time disconnecting from some of my electronics, hence the long gap in posting. […]... Read More

Getting High

January was fun and, though I haven’t posted much, life has gone on. I have been doing a whole lotta nothing since I’m saving for some personal goals. I’ve still had some fun–going to Shawnee Peak at least once or twice a week with friends to try snowboarding. The best part of the whole experience […]... Read More

Wild Country

I’m heading to be in the mountains and the trees tomorrow. Spending the next few days in the snow and wind and ice and obscene beauty of the wilderness. Definitely good for the soul. Maine is good to me like that. “What will become of the truth when we keep it in Things we don’t […]... Read More

People Help The People

Sending love out to all those affected by the bombings in Paris, Beirut and Nigeria. “We won’t live too long So let’s love for one song The lion won’t lay down When the holy man’s in town You’ve been drinking all week baby that’s alright You’ve been stepping on me baby it’s alright You’ve been […]... Read More